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Thank you for visiting our website and learning about our innovative systems. Whether you are fresh out of real estate school, or a seasoned veteran you will love our unique blend of high tech and high touch. Take a few minutes and watch the video above for more information on career opportunities with Utah Full Service Brokers.

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+2 Building a strong referral business

Over the years we have found that real estate agents yearn for a powerful but simple system to maximize their potential and their earning capability. We have named this website after our system, plus 2 agent. It is a very easy to follow system with very powerful results. It combines the power of industry leading technology and time tested people skills. We guarantee that it will turbo charge your business.

Actively Interact with your Clients

As part of our plus 2 agent system, we help create a low maintenance highly effective bond between you and your sphere of influence. Our goal is to help you create powerful relationships with the people that you know and that you will meet. Many agents let these relationships wither over time. Our automated follow up system stop that from happening. All of your clients will get monthly email and paper mail newsletters that are customized with your picture, contact information, and up to date market statistics. Your credibility and presence that you will have with your clients will have never been higher.

We also like to have fun and the clients that you choose will automatically be invited to our quarterly client parties (first run movies, sporting events, BBQs, etc).

Home Sale Tracker

The ability for us to market to your sphere of influence automatically and consistently without much effort from you is due to our exclusive web based business and contact manager. For those of you familiar with Top Producer, well it is like that, but on steroids. Not only is it a full featured contact manager, but it also manages your transactions, paperwork, and allows you to interact with your brokerage like never before. Best part is it is free for all of our agents. No other brokerage has this system. Why? Because we built it from the ground up. For agents by agents. Come take a test drive.

Full Service Real Estate

Being successful with your real estate career is simple when you boil it down to a basic strategy: Have as many people as possible know that you are a real estate agent and that you are good at it.

Since our agents have such a good support system and great in-office education they become very skilled at doing the business, negotiating, contracts, etc. But what about growing a productive sphere of influence? With our unique set of services, not only will you be meeting and adding more contacts into your network, you also have many avenues for earning commissions beyond buyer and seller representation. There is money to be made in sales, residential property management, vacation rental management, HOA management, and business mergers and acquisitions.

Our agent team and management is very committed to see each other succeed and intraoffice referrals are the norm, not the exception.

Market Huddle's for ALL agents

Every Tuesday morning our sales manager puts on what we call our market huddle. Think of it as the next generation sales meeting. We go over the cutting edge market data, trends, and sales skills. We talk about technology, social media, and most importantly, how to make all of this work for your business.

In addition to our Tuesday Market Huddles, we offer our Market Huddle OT. This is a more intense version of our market huddle held on Saturdays to give our agents that extra edge to help them compete in this market place. We are here to help you succeed.

UFSB University Agent Training

As one of our agents, you will have access to UFSB University. This comprehensive training is unmatched in its depth and scope. New agents learn the business right from the ground up. Experienced agents can catch up on some of the basics or skip right ahead to advanced topics that will improve their industry knowledge and help them secure a wider range of clients and more lucrative transactions.

Classes are taught three ways. Live, video, and on the internet. So no matter your particular learning style, you will grow and advance with our system.

Unmatched Broker and Sales Manager Access

One of the most consistent pieces of feedback that we get from our agents that have come from one of the mega-brokers is that they love the individual attention that they get from the broker and the management. Not only has our management "been there, done that", but they are willing to take the time with you to turbo charge your career so you do not have to reinvent the wheel. They believe that their success depends on your success. Many brokerages rely on the numbers game of many, many agents, hoping that a few do some business. Agents in these mega-brokerages are just a number. This simply is not UFSB's style. Come see us and you'll see why we are different.

Providing your clients with the right tools

Once you build your network of clients we aim to help you keep them. We provide value added products that you can offer your clients such as a free moving truck, client parties and events, and cutting edge market trends delivered right to their homes and email.

Rewards for Success

While the environment at UFSB is very cooperative, we also believe that a little friendly competition can bring out the best in people and promote a fun working environment. Our contests are not the same old boring "who can sell the most" contests. They are designed around building a sound consistent business that will profit not only the agent, but the brokerage for years to come. Prizes range from sports tickets and date nights to computers and vacations.

Unbelievable Commission Programs

Let's face it, the most amazing brokerage in the world would still not be attractive without competitive commission splits. Because our full service model gives us many profit centers, we can offer some of the best commission splits in the industry without compromising on agents services.

Our commission program is very simple. We only have 3 levels. Agents move up after a number of transactions all the way to 100% commissions. And once you move up, no going back. No resetting. Schedule an interview to see what all the buzz is about.

What Our Agents Are Saying

I love being an agent at UFS Brokers because I know that no matter what needs my clients may have, I am confident that I can help them since we truly are a Full Service Brokerage. From residential to commercial real estate, assistance with mortgage loans, and property management for rentals, etc. I really like the support I get here as well. I know if I ever need help with anything, I can get the answers I need to do my job and help my clients in the best way possible. The brokerage also offers top notch ongoing training that is beneficial for new real estate agents as well as agents that have been in the business for a while. We are always on the cutting edge of technology, which helps a ton because everything is moving toward online technology these days. The quarterly client events are awesome - they help us show a more personal side to our clients, and brings the agents in the office closer together as a team too. No brokerage genuinely cares more about their agents being successful than UFS Brokers and I never plan to leave!
- Rhonda Taylor
Team Member since 2007
Three things led me to choose UFSB over other brokerages: the tools offered are unequaled, the experience present is invaluable, and camaraderie encourages me to succeed.
- Jim Goostrey
Team Member since 2007
I absolutely love working for ufsb! There is such a great support system with my peers. Everyone strives to be the best and wants everyone to succeed. I am constantly challenged to push myself to be better. I wouldn't dream of leaving!
- Laurie Mower
Team Member since 2007
Working at UFSB has really made working in real estate fun! I love coming to work and know I always have the support from everyone that I need to succeed.
- Melissa Zamora
Team Member since 2009
In less than 6 months with Utah Full Service Broker's I have learned more about growing my business than I did in 5 years at my previous broker. Their cutting edge tools and technology make staying in touch with my sphere of influence easy. The whole management team at UFSB is motivated and available for help and support
- Shawn Fuerer
Team Member since 2009

Are You A Good Fit For Our Program?

To good to be true? Not exactly. There is a hitch. We don't hire just any agent. We invest so much time and energy into each and every agent that we simply can't take everyone on. But the agents that we do take on end up being some of the best producing agents in the industry. Wondering if you would be a good fit? Feel out the contact form on this page and we will schedule an interview so you can meet our staff, see our office, and interact with some of our agents. You'll be glad you did.

Career Opportunities

Are you interested in finding out if you are a good fit for Utah Full Service Brokers? You may contact our office at (801) 563-8372, send us an email at info@ufsbrokers.com, or fill out the form below to have someone contact you.
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